Summary Post

Hey everyone! Here is a brief summary of my blog and the things that I chose, and how they represent me. For my blog design, I decided to customize it and change the theme. The original design just seemed boring to me and unexciting. My blog design now is split up into multiple parts: There is a black trim along the left side and top of my website, colors for the search tool and tabs, one big color around the whole website if you pull from all sides ,and a color for the top left letters that say “My blog”. Now I chose all the colors for each thing that I personally liked and wanted. The colors I chose were blue, green, red. The reason why I chose these particular colors is because they all stood out and glow, especially with them contrasting with the black borders. To me normal is boring, and I’ve never really seen any website or blog with these type of colors altogether. I think it represents me because I like to go against the grain, and do something different than exactly what everybody else is doing. I like to make my own trail and set my own path, and do me.

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